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Removal Services


Types of Services

When relocating bees, there are two types of service, there's the Trap Out and then the Cut out.  Please call us so that we can come out and give you a quote.



This type of service is the less intrusive of the removals but does take time.  We usually use this technique with bees in living trees,  architecturally significant structures or buildings and where a cut-out will not get the job done.  The degradation of the used comb over time is not a consideration.



One of the more involved means of rescuing bees is the cut out. The hive is located with FLIR technology, and then the removal of materials to extract the bees and comb.  The comb removal is the key, since other methods leave comb and produce insect infestation in your walls.  Even though we take slow meticulous steps in the demo of walls, etc., we do not do repairs.

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