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Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Do you get stung alot?

Answer:  Depends what the defination of A LOT means.  We average 3-6 stings per job and Ben has been stung 40 times in one job.  After a while, you forget about the stings and get past it.

What is the weirdest removal you have done?

We were not allowed to take pictures, but we did get called out to the 187th TFW, to remove bees that were in a F-16 engine!  That was by far the coolest experience ever.

Do you have bees?

Each removal we do, contributes to our apiaries.  An Apiary is just a fancy name for bee farm.  Right now all rescues get treated for mites or other diseases, then they are babysitted in the nursery until the hive can survive in one of the five locations in the local area.   

How long does a removal take?

On average a trap out takes several weeks to months with a cut out taking 4-5 hours.