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About Us

S and B, We are like you! ONLY WITH ISSUES!

Yeah, this is where I get to be humerus (humerus funny bone!!)  Stacy and I met in 1980 and were married in 1981.  We became interested in bees about 9 years ago, and when we believe in something,  all feet in!!  We are sharing this journey with our sons and grandchildren.

WE Save Bees. Oh Heck!

There is a special dedication for those who are willing to get their butts kicked by an angry insect.  We have to remeber one thing, we could die if the honey bee goes away.Meadvwill cost alot.  We dooffer education talks to schools and othe civic based groups.

Education.. (Ours and yours)

Most of my education deals in computers and architecture.  Stacy is NOW a Alabama Certified Master Beekeeper.  We offer FREE educational services to qualified 3C groups.  Education is the key!  If we can get at least 1 beekeeper to help, we are a winner!  Actually we are all winners!!